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  • Tips From Anike Kilonsele

  1. Recognize the cause of the stress. If you fail to both acknowledge the source of the stress and talk back to your feelings of frustration, you will always find rush hour a stressful occasion.
  2. Take a good look at the predominant attitude about speed being good. The concept of multitasking exists because we want to get more done all at once! Speed sells; it also kills.
  3. Learn to be present now. In the thinking we create impossibilities and we make life more miserable for ourselves when the hurry doesn’t turn into instant gratification.
  4. Be patient. Patience is the ability to deal realistically with the events that are happening around us. We cannot rush things, we cannot change the accident that is clogging the road, we cannot fix the broken down train ourselves.
  5. Create a sanctuary around you. Rather than reacting anxiously to the fumes, the noise, the crawl of traffic, make your drive or ride a sanctuary. In a car, put on music that soothes you, keep the car clean and fresh-smelling, and keep water on hand for hydration.
  6. Accept that the rush hour won’t change but you can. The crowds aren’t going to go away, the traffic jams aren’t going to disappear.
  7. Take a Different Route.
  8. Listen to Books on Tape.
  9. Avoid rush hour traffic altogether by changing your work schedule to begin and end at a less busy time.

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